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Theo from Year 6 shares his writing!

Outside, the grass danced in the wind and the dead leaves sailed in the puddles whilst Michael pressed his face against the window with intrigue. Michael opened the door and the wind howled and whistled impelling him to go back. He put his hands in front of him to shield his face from the fierce wind. He heaved open the ancient door. Filled with trepidation, he took his first step into the harrowing garage. The unsettling air brushed against Michael’s neck. It was then that Michael realised that he was not in there alone…


Over powered with fear, Michael dared himself to take another step into the dark. The malodorous smell crept up his nose. The door shut. The sinister garage was filled with thick snake-like wires. Michael took another step into the garage when he heard someone coming down the winding stairs of the house. Instantly he froze, like a block of ice. All of a sudden, Michael felt a spine-chilling feeling on his back. He slowly rotated his head to see a huge hairy spider; he tried to stay calm as he was petrified. The spider finally crawled off him. Michael breathed a sigh of relief. Dead flies lay motionless on the ground he walked on.


Michael looked down on the floor and saw muddy footprints. He follows the track towards the end of the garage. He can see wooden planks nailed across the entrance. He then heard scuttling and scratching. Michael stood still in the hushed garage.

Michael stumbled across a worn out tea chest covered in spiders’ webs. He peaked over the top and saw a transcendental creature among the dead flies and spiders. He stared at it for a while until he had the courage to take a step closer.


Michael thought it was dead, as it was completely still. It rose up and said

“What do you want?” Michael said nothing.

“Well?” boomed the creature. Michael turned and ran inside as quick as he could and didn’t’ look back. The next morning he told himself it was a dream, but more like a nightmare.


By Theo (6 Ruth)​