Saint Raphael's Catholic Primary School

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St. Raphael's staff

Mrs Houlihan, Deputy Head
Mrs Quinlivan, Assistant Head & Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Hynes, SENCO
Mrs Buckley, Early Years Leader & Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Amofa, Finance Officer
Mrs Menist, Senior Administrator
Ms Brosnan, Receptionist
Mrs Forsyth, Nursery Teacher
Mrs Duffy, Nursery Nurse
Mrs Hall, Nursery Teacher
Miss Venti, Reception Eve
Mrs Tang, Reception Adam
Mrs O'Halloran, Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss Bliss, Support Assistant, Seth
Mrs O'Reilly, Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss Wall, Teacher, 1 Isaac
Mrs O'Rourke, Teaching Assistant Year 1
Miss Heraty, Teacher, 3 Zechariah
Mrs Stevenson, Teaching Assistant, Year 1
Miss Healey, Teacher, 2 Abraham
Mrs Sugrue, Teacher, 2 Abraham
Miss Willmer, Teacher, 2 Ishmael
Mrs Bowden, Teacher, 2 Sarah
Mr Smith, Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Johnson, Teaching Assistant, Year 2
Mrs Giblin, Teacher, 4 Moses
Miss Cadel, Teacher, 3 Simeon
Miss Donnelly, 4 Zephorah
Miss Hanley, Teacher, 4 Aaron
Miss O'Sullivan, 3 Ana
Mrs Callanan, Teaching Assistant
Miss Cantore, Teacher, 6 Obed
Miss Brugognone, Teacher, 5 Rachel
Mrs Frainer-Law, Teacher, 5 Benjamin
Miss Mulhern, Teacher, 1 Rebekah
Miss Finlay, Teacher, 6 Boaz
Mrs Deehan, Year 6 Support Teacher & 4 Zephorah
Mrs Hughes, Teaching Assistant
Miss Hoare, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Callaghan, Pastoral Lead
Miss Farrell, Specialist Art Teacher
Miss O'Keefe, Specialist Music Teacher
Mrs Peters, Specialist  P.E. Teacher
Mr Kaczmarek, Site Manager
Mrs Murphy, Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Haddad, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Galvin, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Ward, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Twomey,  Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lazarevic, Midday Supervisor
Ms Harridge, Midday Supervisor