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In this section of the school’s website you will find some very important and useful links to support you to keep your child safe whilst online. You will also find a wide range of online safety guides that are designed especially for parents.

Useful websites for parents and children to learn more about E-Safety can be found at:



This website provides lots of links to useful websites relating to e-safety for parents and carers.


BBC Staysafe

This site has lots of useful advice and quizzes for children to take part in.



Click on the icons to find a vast range of support.


Thinkuknow Cybercafe

Videos to watch with your child and discuss.


Game reviews

The following website gives you a review and information on games that children may be playing online.


Hector's safety button

Click the link to download Hectors Safety Button. This is useful resource to have at home because if your child sees something that makes them feel confused or scared when using the computer, they can click on Hector (or one of his friends) to cover the screen while they get some help.