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Reading at St. Raphael's

Content Domain Questions

Supporting Your Children With Reading



Take turns to make plans and predictions before reading: ​‘I wonder if… what do you think?’ ​‘You think… Oh, I thought…’ 


Recap to check ideas and understanding as your child is reading: ​‘So, you think that…’ ​‘Did you expect…to happen?’ ​‘Why do you think that happened?’


Use encouragement and praise to keep children engaged in reading: ​‘What brilliant ideas…let’s see what happens.’ ​‘You thought so carefully about… What might happen now?’


Share prior knowledge and past experiences that link to what is being read: ​‘Have you learnt about…at school?’ ​‘Do you remember when we watched…and found out about…’


Tune-in and listen to your child – be curious about their interests: ​‘I didn’t know you knew so much about…’ ​‘I love reading stories about…with you.’


Of course, we should aim to share a love of reading too!