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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Time Travellers and Family Trees


 Welcome to my portal, time travellers! I’m here to invite you on a fantastic ride through aeons of time, deep through the geteways of the past on an enthralling journey. We’ll reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, heading back to the very beginning to regenerate your being!


Take a step inside and we will begin our journey… I wonder where we will land? Hold on tight travellers, I’ve just been back to AD410 and the ride was a little rocky. Fasten your seatbelts…we’re off. 


On our topic launch day, we travelled in our time travelling portals to a different era in time. 

Can you identify which historical figures we dressed up as?

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Picture 2
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Caritas in Action

In class we reflected on what makes us a community and discussed our values (AT2).  We decorated a jigsaw piece with images from our culture and our values.  We agreed that communities are made up of people who live in the same area or have common interests.  We all belong to several communities such as our street, town, country, the world and religious communities. 


Can you identify where our families are from?

What makes us unique in 5 Benjamin?

What our family values are?

Picture 1

Our Class Charter

Our Class Charter 1

Maths in year 5!


We have recently been covering our topic shape, space and measure. We have looked at translation, reflection and regular and irregular polygons. Have a look at some of our children completing maths investigations below.


We have also looked at right angles and describing them as turns.