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Year 1

1 Esau enjoyed designing and making a space helmet during their DT lesson. We have lots of little astronauts ready to zoom off to the Moon!

1 Esau have been enjoying the autumn leaves in their Forest School session.

A huge thank you to the children and parents in Year 1 who supported our Caritas Gardening Competition so enthusiastically! The children were asked to plant up an old shoe or boot with flowers or shrubs to brighten up the Year 1 garden, and show us that they had used their caring hands in Caritas Week to engage with God’s wonderful world. As you can see, the entries were very creative and colourful and it was difficult to choose a winner. Congratulations to 1 Esau, 1 Isaac and 1 Rebekah who were all winners and amazing gardeners! Thank you for your help and enthusiasm, and do come along to the Year 1 garden to look at the many entries.

Year 1 Caritas Gardening Competition

Year 1 National Curriculum Targets