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Mr Jennings - Class Teacher (Year 5 and Science Coordinator)

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Mr Jennings - Class Teacher (Year 5 and Science Coordinator)


Why did you apply for a teaching role at St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School?

I applied for the role at St Raphael’s as it gave me a good opportunity to improve my professional development  from a high achieving school, plus I remember hearing good things of St Raphael’s since I was in Primary School.


What is it like working there?

It is a school which expects the best from both its staff and its students and as a result has a real buzz around the school.


What is special about your role in school?

I am lucky enough to be science coordinator which means I get to run Science Week every year, plus we get the opportunity to enter the Science Fair for year 5 students every year and the winners get to battle it out with other schools in the borough.


What do you enjoy most about teaching at the school?

There is no better feeling for a teacher than seeing a child genuinely enthused about a subject, whether it be classroom learning or outside.


What are your future ambitions? What do you hope to achieve during your time in St Raphael’s?

I want to continue to improve in my profession and expand my areas of speciality. During my time at St Raphael’s I want to continue developing a love of science within school and improve in my field to the best of my ability.


Tell us why pupils enjoy coming to St Raphael’s?

Pupils love coming to St Raphael’s because there is a high level of respect, care and compassion for every single person in the school. They have such a wide variety of opportunities for the children such as clubs, events or trips which allow children to find their interests whether it be in academia, sports or the arts.