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End of Year Production

Year 6 Production - "Alice the Musical"

(based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)


To audition for a main character, please download your preferred script below and practice in a loud, clear and enthusiastic manner. You must also perform a song of your choice to show off your good vocal ability.


If you are interested in a different part, please audition from these parts and make your preference know during the audition.


Auditions will take place on WB 11.06.18. Any questions, please ask your class teacher.  

Alice Songs

02 All In A Golden Afternoon.mp3

03 I'm Late.mp3

04 Down, Down, Down.mp3

05 My Lovely Garden.mp3

06 I'm Late.mp3

07 I Wish I Hadn't Cried So Much.mp3

08 Caucus Race.mp3

09 Mouse's Tale.mp3

10 What Will Become Of Me_.mp3

11 Who Are You_.mp3

12 Pig And Pepper.mp3

13 Wonderland.mp3

15 Mad As A Hatter.mp3

16 Royal Procession.mp3

17 Croquet Song.mp3

18 Lobster Dance.mp3

19 Beautiful Soup.mp3

20 Who Stole The Tarts_.mp3

21 Off With Her Head!.mp3

22 Wonderland Reprise.mp3