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Learning About Different Religions - Islam

We have been learning about the history and traditions of the Muslim faith. We had two visitors to school who ran workshops about Islam with our Year 6 children and held interactive assemblies with the rest of the school. The children were engaged and realised that there are lots of similarities and differences between our faith and Islam.

Children listened to a prayer from the Quran (القرآن), which was sung, and then designed some Arabic text of their own.

Year 6 - Sieger Köder

Year 5 - Sieger Köder

During Be Spirited week we analysed ‘The Annunciation of Joseph’ by Sieder Koder. We discussed who was central to the picture and what message is being given. We also paid close attention to the hands as we believed they had a significant importance. As a class, we felt that Mary’s hands were stretched out and open because she was accepting the message of God with a generous heart, as we know she did through the Gospel passage. We then thought about ways in which we hear messages from God and created stained glass windows to represent this.

Year 3 - Be spirited week

Year 3 - Be spirited week 1

Lent to Easter- Year 6

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