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Reception enjoyed a fabulous trip to The Lookout Discovery Centre in July. They attended a Bugs and Beasties workshop, and went on a minibeast hunt in the forest. They had an amazing day of fun and learning!

Welcome to Reception!



Phonics is simply the sound of which a letter or letters make. At St Raphael's School we use a phonics scheme called 'Read Write Inc' that teaches the children how to read, write and spell. 


It is recommended that you attend these sessions to ensure that you know how to pronounce these 'pure' sounds and to enhance your child's learning at home, for example when reading we sound out the letters (using our phonics) and blend them together to read the word e.g. m-u-m blended together is mum. 

We also teach them to hand write each letter with a 'handwriting phrase'. This is an visual aid for children to remember how to form each letter (for example the letter 'm' we teach as 'down Maisie, mountain, mountain' for the letter 'm' as a visual aid to help them to form the letter correctly). See below link for the list of phrases.

Image result for rwi m

There are plenty of RWI phonics resources that you can buy online to enhance your child's  learning at home, however there are lots of things you can do and play with at home to encourage phonics too which are free. You could go on a 'sound hunt' (hide little pieces of paper with the phonics letters on, hide them and go on a hunt for them), or you could stick them on the wall by the stairs at home so they have to say them every time they walk up and down the stairs and you can change them), for letter formation we recommend shaving foam during bath time to practise writing in, or making the letters/sounds out of playdough....  - This link takes you to the 'Ruth Miskin' website. She is the lady who write the RWI phonic scheme that we teach. There are lots of useful videos and documents on here, including the handwriting phrases and how to support your child with phonics at home.


If you have any activities that you currently do at home to support phonics, or any other area of learning, then please share it with us by letting us know!



Every Friday we will be opening our doors to parents of Reception children at 2.45pm. This is to help parents learning and understand phonics. We believe that supporting parents in their children's learning and development will enable the children to make more progress. 

Please note: we will recap all the sounds every week, so if you miss a session than please just come to the next one. 

This video shows you how to pronounce sounds in a 'pure way', it compliments our Friday Phonics Session by teaching you how to make 'pure' sounds. Learn how to pronounce pure sounds from Set 1 Sounds through to Set 3 with 5 year-old Sylvie.

Reception Summer Term B Curriculum Descriptor

Father John came to bless our Prayer Gardens. We said prayers and sang hymns in the sunshine. It was a wonderful celebration of God's wonderful world in springtime!

Reception Summer A Curriculum Descriptor

Reception Seth celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a Teddy Bear Pancake Picnic. They also re-enacted the Palm Sunday procession and waved their palms.

Curriculum Descriptor: Spring Term A 2017.

Curriculum Descriptors Spring B

Reception enjoyed visiting London Zoo where they followed the Living Nativity trail and even met Santa!

Thank you so much to Mr & Mrs Kanarski (parents of Kristopher, Reception Adam) for our fantastic new EYFS prayer garden!

Reception Seth enjoyed digging for worms and made a wormery.



Beginning of the year in EYFS Power Point


Caritas in Action week - EYFS had fun re-designing and transforming our Prayer Garden with lots of plants and spring bulbs.

First day at school - Reception Seth

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