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Catholic Life of the School

A huge thank you to the children and parents in Year 1 who supported our Caritas Gardening Competition so enthusiastically! The children were asked to plant up an old shoe or boot with flowers or shrubs to brighten up the Year 1 garden, and show us that they had used their caring hands in Caritas Week to engage with God’s wonderful world. As you can see, the entries were very creative and colourful and it was difficult to choose a winner. Congratulations to 1 Esau, 1 Isaac and 1 Rebekah who were all winners and amazing gardeners! Thank you for your help and enthusiasm, and do come along to the Year 1 garden to look at the many entries.

Year 1 Caritas Gardening Competition

Mary bags

During the month of May, all classes took home Mary bags to honour Mary, ask her to pray with us and for us. We ask Mary to intercede for us to God. When we recite the Hail Mary, we are honouring Mary and her most important role as Mother of Jesus.  All classes produced such wonderful, thoughtful work.  Thank you to all the families that supported this at home. Please have a look at some of the work that was produced across the school.


Thank you all and God bless you.


Blessing of our new prayer gardens May 2017

Fr John very kindly came into school this week to bless our new prayer gardens after he had given the sacrament of reconciliation to Year 4 children.

We have been very fortunate to have had the garden in Early Years designed, donated and maintained by the Kanarski family. The garden looks wonderful and the children really appreciate its beauty. They showed this in their thoughtful responses to the readings and in the way they sang as the school chaplains worked with Fr John to make this blessing really special.

Fr John also blessed the prayer garden in nursery where the statue has been donated by Mrs Durkin for the children to enjoy. This garden and the larger garden at the back of the school have been created by Mr Kaczmarek. Mrs Forster donated a lovely bench where children can sit and pray. Fr John blessed both of these gardens also.

Nursery Mary and Joseph have been learning about the Easter story.

Year 2's Easter gardens

Year 3 - Be spirited week

Reception Seth celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a Pancake Picnic. They also re-enacted Palm Sunday and The Last Supper.

Our Prayer Spaces

Be Spirited Week- Year 6

Year 6 studied Carravagio's painting "The taking of Christ" during Be Spirited Week. Work focused on specific characters from the painting as well as some sketching.

What would I have done? (Written during Be Spirited Week)

The Chances of winning, probably none

To face an entire army

Yet get killed in the end

I saw sorrow in His eyes

At his demise

Yet I wouldn’t never see

The beckoning light again

What would I have thought?

The fear and the pain he’d gain

Yet if I tried to stop them

It would be my demise

Pessimistic in this life

Yet more too would be risked

The fear and the pain I think

The fear and the pain he’d fare

How would I act?

A fair question indeed

Yet I’d be brave and try to stop them

To compromise

Fear always dominates my mind

So I wouldn’t act any different

For my life would be denied


What would I have done?

Although I have to fight

My changes are slight

And I’d cower in fear

Not to act evermore



Be Spirited Week


Year 2

During Be Spirited Week we used art to explore the meaning of scripture. We looked at Ivan Kramskoi's painting, "Christ in the Desert", 1872. We explored the meaning of the painting and focused on what the artist was trying to convey.  We reflected on what it means to us to be tempted. We then painted our own image of what it means for us to be tempted. 

Year 2 also took part in guided meditation using music. 

Picture 1 Year 2 Art Work
Picture 2 Year 2 Art Work
Picture 3 Year 2 Art Work
Picture 4 Ivan Kramskoi, “Christ in the Desert,” 1872

Be Spirited Week- Year 1

School Chaplain's visit to Westminster Cathedral.

On Wednesday 7th December the RE pupil chaplains were invited to Catholic children's society Nativity service at Westminster Cathedral. We had a fantastic time listening to the wonderful hymns and were reminded again about the true meaning of Christmas.

The children behaved beautifully and many members of the public commented that they were a credit to our school.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

Thank you children and I look forward to going on future trips with you.

Miss O'Donnell 

A Catholic school is a community of love and hope. It provides young people with a Catholic education, which perceives life as a faith journey. The ultimate aim of a Catholic school is to develop the full potential of all young people, leading to their life-long activities being guided by the Spirit and presence of Christ, in the service of God and of others.


Catholic education is distinctive in placing all learning and teaching in a Catholic moral context and in both challenging and supporting young people to develop in mind, body and spirit. The role of a Catholic school is to help everyone in the school community to discover the true value and dignity of each and every human being who, loved by God, has a mission on earth and a destiny which is eternal.


The Catholic school is an open community, concerned with the education of the whole person. It presents a unique, clear vision of God, people and life, centered on Gospel values and reflective of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Hence, the formation of each person is regarded as being as important as the information which is transmitted through the teaching offered.


The Catholic school is supported in its mission by the active partnership of the home, the school and the parish. Together, they provide support for the faith community, helping to form and develop in all a mature Christian conscience, and in addressing the increasingly secular influences of popular culture.

Mass for the new school year.


Year 6 Boaz celebrated the opening of the new school year Mass on Thursday at St Raphael's Church. Mass was celebrated by Fr John and the year 6 pupils helped Fr John to load sacks of clothes and toys gathered by Parishioners into a van heading for refugee sites in Calais.

Year 6 retreat with Sr Judith.

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