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2017 - 2018

Please find below some images that reflect the Catholic life of our school


Be Spirited Week

Nursery heard about God telling Noah he was a good man and gave him a very special job to do.

Pyjama Day


Nursery Mary and Joseph are beginning to think about giving to others in need. We dressed up in our pyjamas for our school charity 'action aid'.

My Family.


We brought in pictures of our families to talk about.

Picture 1

The Church.

Nursery have been talking about the church being the house of God and how they belong to God's family.

Nursery Christmas Nativity.

The children celebrated the Christmas story through songs and role-play. They performed with a great deal of enthusiasm and I'm sure all families were delighted.

The Epiphany and Magi


This week the Nursery children had a visitor, Casper, one of the Magi! They heard all about his journey from the East and the very special person he came to visit. The children even brought in gifts for the baby Jesus, which were then given to the charity Caritas.

Within the Nursery the children gave baby Jesus their own special gift; "Jesus I give you my heart", as they placed them in a basket at the prayer space.



Autumn 2 - Baptism 

Reception have been learning about how God loves all people. The children heard how Baptism welcomes new babies into the family of the church.

The children also had an opportunity to show their own Baptism photographs to their friends during circle time.

Reception Seth Baptism Photos

Reception Eve Baptism Photos

Reception Adam Baptism Photos

Autumn 2 - Advent Wreaths


Reception have been learning that Advent is a time to prepare for the birth of the baby Jesus.

We made Advent Wreath crowns to celebrate the beginning of Advent.

Reception Seth - Advent Wreath Crowns

Reception Eve Advent Wreath Crowns

The Catholic life of Reception Eve

The Catholic life of Reception Seth

The Living Nativity at London Zoo


The Reception children took part in an exciting trip to see the Living Nativity at London Zoo! Not only did we spy some lions, tigers, monkeys, penguins and a whole host of exotic animals, we also took part in a trail to visit the baby Jesus and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. We met the wise men and their camels, went into the stable with Mary, and even saw the shepherds looking after their flock of sheep and goats.


The Epiphany


This week the Reception children had a visit from three Magi! They learnt all about their journey from the East and the very special person they came to visit. The children even brought in gifts for the baby Jesus, which were then given to the charity Caritas.

Year 1

Year 1 participated in role play telling the story of Moses and the Pharaoh - Miss Wall was a wonderful Moses! They made amazing Moses finger puppets.

1 Esau enjoyed re-enacting the arrival of the Magi to the stable in Bethlehem, where they brought gifts for baby Jesus.

1 Esau made donkey masks and ears for their role play of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem. They imagined what it felt like to be the Little Donkey carrying Mary and her precious load.

As we prepared for Advent and the birth of Baby Jesus, Laura's Mummy brought her baby to see 1 Esau. She told us all the things she had to do to prepare for her baby.

Year 2

Our Beautiful Mighty Moses tshirts

Year 2 Advent Wreaths

Year 3

The Voice of God

Year 4

4 Moses: Class Nativity

4 Moses: Class Nativity 1
During our Be Spirited week we looked at the artist Sieger Koder and his Nativity artwork.  We thought about how God is with us in our lives and created poems to show this.  

Year 5

Picture 1

Caritas in Action

In Year 5  we reflected on what makes us a community and discussed our values (AT2).  We decorated a jigsaw piece with images from our culture and our values.  We agreed that communities are made up of people who live in the same area or have common interests.  We all belong to several communities such as our street, town, country, the world and religious communities. 


Can you identify where our families are from?

What makes us unique in 5 Benjamin?

Can you identify what our family values are?

In Year 5, we were paired up and sketched a portrait of our partner. After we sketched a portrait of our partner, we wrote a message telling them what spiritual gift they had been given by God and a time we saw our partner use that gift.



Year 6